I Love Collages


I have always LOVED collages.  I already did this to a short wall in my dining room a while ago:

So when I saw this post at  Swan White Curtain and her entry on plates as wall art I thought it was a fantastic idea!  This is the wall I started with:

I spent weeks looking for plates at the local thrift shop.  They had a half price sale a while back and I bought about a 100 plates for a quarter each.  I didn’t know how many plates I would like or what colors I should go into.

As I have been laying them on the floor in a pattern I realized that some of them are actually quite valuable.

Like this one:

It is Flow Blue.  Made by Ridgways of England around 1912.  It is the Rose collection.  I found a matching oval covered dish on eBay for $300.

Or this set:

Made by Thomas Forester & Sons also around 1912.  It is hand painted.  Also in expensive in the antique world.

This plate was my inspiration for the colour combination on the display:

It is made by Royal Doulton and is listed at $70 on an antique website.

What did I pay for it?  A quarter.  I know….hard to believe!

So I started to lay them out on the floor.  My first draft looked like this:

It was a little cluttered, and my dear friend pointed out it looked a little like the United States of America in shape.

I moved some colours around and pared down the amount of plates I was using.

This is my pile of plates I started with on the second round:

And this is what the final plate wall looks like:

I love how it turned out!

9 responses to “I Love Collages

  1. Linked from Before & After – LOVE LOVE LOVE this! The perfect mix of “controlled chaos.” Colors are perfect, and it’s busy enough without being overwhelming. Am I gushing? I’m totally gushing…

  2. I used good old plate hangers you find at dollar stores everywhere. And….I have to confess that the tiny ones that don’t have plate hangers small enough I used….HOT GLUE. I figured if I will have to patch holes in the walls someday I may as well patch glue rips too!

  3. I’m a big fan of plate collages. I did them all the way up the staircase last year and was featured on someone’s blog who is well known. It was the most attention I have ever gotten in blog world! :) I have a fear that I will not know when to quit! Love how yours turned out, and that you did not do the USA display. :)

  4. Absolutely love this beyond measure! I love, love, love plates on the wall and cannot believe you took it to this extreme which showed how when you think outside of the box with something you love you can achieve something soooooooooooo unique!

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